For Cape Town Hospitality, F&B, Edu &  Industry

clean . hygienic . green...

Collect & Deliver Service Level Agreements with advanced disinfection, killing bacteria, viruses, mould & spores without damaging fabrics with harmful ammonia, bleach or very high temperatures. 

Laundry & Uniforms

For Hotels, Universities, Retirement Living, Factories, Restaurants, Spas & Salons.
New Uniforms & Branding. SLA.

Safe Hygienic Disinfection

NO bleach, ammonia or harmful chemicals. We ONLY use our super powerful and safe disinfection technology to kill bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds.

Super Fast, On Time!

Keeping your business smoothly operational without interruption and plenty clean laundry on hand is our only purpose.

Focussed Service Offering

Hotels Universities Retirement Living Factories Restaurants Spas - Salons New Uniforms

Commercial Laundry of  Bedding, Linens & Uniforms. 
New uniforms, branding and SLA provision of uniform services.

We want your business. We do great business. Grow together, Succeed together, Partner together for a long term win-win. 

Going National over 2 years

Currently Serving Cape Town Only

We collect & deliver daily

Long term trust relationships

Why Partner With Us

Convenience Free

It just happens. Clean linens towels uniforms always on-hand. Know what needs to be replaced and when.

Daily Collections & DeliveryFree

No logistics headaches. Every day your materials are cycled, out with the soiled, in with clean threads. Always fresh on hand.

Preferential Rates Free

All our Service Level Agreement (SLA) customers received preferential rates. We are partners now, we both must benefit.

Insurance Free

Your goods are insured, on-site with us and in transit in our vehicles.

Covid19 Safe Free

Our additive kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs. Powerful Safe, SABS Food Grade Disinfectant. NO ammonia NO bleach.

NO to Bleach Free

We use advanced chemical detergents specifically developed for commercial laundries to protect your goods.

Special TreatmentsFree

We make use of specialist treatments to deal with rust, blood, oily stains & more.

We Are GREEN As much as possible and we remain environmentally conscious, supporting all sustainability goals.

Advanced DisinfectionFree

We use a special super safe certified No-Ammonia disinfection. 100% bio degradable additive to kill 99.999% of bacteria and germs including covid19. Certified with NRCS, SABS, SASAC, SANS1853, ECHA, MJCHT (Halaal).

Safety First Free

Our facility is a chemically treated environment to disinfect surfaces & machines. Our staff wear PPE masks for extra exposure protection, theirs & yours.

Committed to quality service
km per day collect & deliver
articles washed per week

Service  with  old-school  values

Wo endeavour every day for impeccable service

What Clients Say

Good, efficient service.
5 Stars
Clean Threads Commercial Laundry Cape Town
Charles Lawton
Excellent service. 5 stars
Clean Threads Commercial Laundry Cape Town
Christelle Rossouw
Superior service!!!! 5 stars
Clean Threads Commercial Laundry Cape Town
Gerhard Koekemoer
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.
5 Stars
Clean Threads Commercial Laundry Cape Town
Roxanne Meldau
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.
5 stars
Clean Threads Commercial Laundry Cape Town
Mr. Kingsleigh
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
5 stars
Clean Threads Commercial Laundry Cape Town
Lynn Nielsen


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No 2, Cascade Terraces, Waterfront Rd, Tyger Waterfront